Susanna Wesley Award of Excellence established

February 14, 2014

The General Commission on United Methodist Men recently established The Susanna Wesley Award of Excellence.

 “I was incredibly excited to hear that you had formed the Susanna Wesley Award to recognize the achievement of women,” said Dawn Wiggins Hare, top staff executive of the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women. “United Methodist Men rock.”

Who will be the first woman to receive this award? It could be the wife of one of your members. It could be your pastor or the wife of your pastor. It could be your lay leader or an outstanding Sunday school teacher.

Imagine the grateful response of the recipient of this award. She probably assumes that no one knows about the sacrifices she has made for her family and the church.

In all likelihood she doesn’t know the award exists.

“The presentation of the Susanna Wesley Award of Excellence” service is in the resource section of the website (resources are in alphabetical order).

Click HERE for a brochure that describes the award and the application form. Call 615-340-7145 with questions.