Conference Legislative Advocacy Team Update

March 06, 2014

Please view the following one page documents summarizing the IAUMC's stance on the following bills and social issues:

Civil Rights
Providing Interpreters and Translators for Persons with Limited English Proficiency in Legal Proceedings.
(SF2199) Approve

Human Trafficking and Iowa

Mental Health-Suicide Prevention

Establishing an Iowa Center for Suicide Prevention through the Department of Public Health and requiring school employee training in suicide prevention and trauma-informed care.
(SF 2261) Approve

Public Health HIV-AIDS

Decriminalization of HIV
(SF2297) Approve

Restorative Justice

Restoring of Voting Rights for people who have been convicted of a felony.
(SF2203) Approve

Welcoming the Stranger

Issuance of Temporary Visitor Driver's Licenses

(SF 2087) Approve

- IAUMC Advocacy Team