ISU collegiate Wesley Foundation has offerings for students

March 17, 2014

The Wesley Foundation at Iowa State will offer a new study series in the final weeks of Spring semester..."Discussion of the Week".  The topics for each session have come from previous studies, but these are completely previous participation in Wesley Foundation studies is necessary. Students can attend one, a few or all of the sessions.

The Wesley Foundation is offering two identical sessions of this study each week to adapt to student schedules.  Here are the topics:

          Session 1: Spiritual Personality Types
          Session 2: Spiritual Giftedness
          Session 3: Spiritual Vocabulary (What is Grace?, What is Salvation?, etc.)
          Session 4: Spiritual Disciplines & Bible Study Methods
          Session 5: What's the difference between "Conservative" & "Progressive" Christianity?
          Session 6: Peer Counseling ("What do I say to friends who are ____________?")

These new studies join the other ones happening in the last 6 weeks of the semester:

'University Student Sunday School' 9:45-10:45 each Sunday morning in the Student Lounge using "Religion and Ethics Newsweekly" as our curriculum resource.

"Watching Walking Dead w/ Jesus"  8-9:30 p.m. each Sunday night. We watch the popular show, then discuss the spiritual implications we found in the episode.

"Journeys" This popular study, facilitated by Campus Ministry Associate Megan Henson, returns to a weekly schedule on Mon., Mar. 31.  However, just like the topics, the day, time and location of "Journeys" varies each week to increase the likelihood students might "stumble upon" it and/or make it more accessible to student's varying schedules. 

"Christ Clips" Tuesdays from 7-9 p.m. (or later, depending on the movie and the discussion!).  Students watch a movie (typically a popular movie just out on dvd or maybe a classic) and discuss the spiritual implications. 

Finally, the end of March brings our "Wesley Foundation LOCK-IN", planned by and for students.

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