Help us help Uzajja unlock the potential of Christ in Nigeria

April 10, 2014












From the Iowa Nigeria Partnership

A Win - Win - Win - Win situation if we help Uzajja further his education at Africa University, the cause of Christ wins four ways:

Enhance learning at BTS;
Allow seminarians to benefit from new educational programs;
Better trained pastors for UMC in Nigeria; and
Support Africa University.

Here’s what we need: financial assistance to send Uzajja to Africa U for a 2-year Masters program Tuition/school Fees $6,500 per year.

Rev. Uzajja Dauda Adamu, lecturer, Banyam Theological Seminary

Uzajja Dauda Adamu was born into a family of pagan worshipers. His father had four wives and his mother was the second wife who left his father when Uzajja as six so he was raised by his father’s fourth wife. His father has 15 living children, seven died early in life. His mother had converted to Christianity but it was difficult for the family to give up their old life and embrace the new faith. He was trained in the Christian manner right from childhood but had a total conversion that led to baptism in 1978 when he was twelve. Being peasant farmers his family moved from place to place to find good farm land, finally settling in Karim Lamido, close to Bambur, where he attended school.

His initial theological education was at Christian Teacher’s College Shuwa and on the day of graduation the principal asked who wanted to become pastors. Only nine out of 137 students felt called to go for further theological training with Uzajja being one of them who had felt the call of God on his life. He went to Banyam Theological Seminary  (BTS) in 1995, was trained and received a Diploma in Christian Ministry and later a Diploma in Christian Education at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria. He was assigned by Bishop Dabale to teach at the BTS Women’s School in 2000-01 but then returned to Ahmadu Bello University to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Education (major in Christian Education).  He served several churches before being reassigned to BTS as a lecturer. He was ordained deacon in 2001 and elder in 2005.

AT BTS he teaches 7 or 8 courses each semester which include: Christian Education, Religion and Social Change, Sociology of Education and Citizenship Education, Educational Psychology, Major Denominations, Sects and Cults, English as a Second Language to name a few of his classes. He is involved with campus life and extra curricular assignments.

Married to Hannatu, a teacher in the Day Care Centre, they have 6 children (1 boy and 5 girls) from ages 25 y/o to a 9 month old named Precious. His old parents are still alive and need his constant support. Uzajja’s vision is to attend Africa University to obtain a higher degree for further service at BTS because of the start up of a Bachelor’s Degree program and the need for staff to have higher educational levels. He plans to get a Master’s Degree in Peace, Leadership  and Governance, a two year course at Africa University.  He will then be able to bring these courses back and teach them at BTS as part of its new Bachelor’s Degree program.

**Funds are needed by May 1 for support of Uzajja. Gifts may be sent through the local church and sent to the Iowa Conference Treasurer designated: IA. Nigeria Partnership, #230, Uzajja. May we count on your support? You’ll find more information on Iowa’s involvement with Banyam Seminary at**