Easter features from United Methodist Communications

April 12, 2014

United Methodist Communications has produced several features and other pieces of content for use related to Easter. These are being or will be featured on umc.org, umc.org/videos, umc.org/news and www.interpretermagazine.org.

April 10

Easter Totem Pole UMTV (at umc.org/videos) - Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest area in North America often passed knowledge on through totem poles. These carvings in cedar tell stories as books do. United Methodist Pastor David Fison spent years serving congregations in Alaska. Fison was inspired to create totem poles to tell the biblical stories of Easter and Christmas in symbols familiar to the native peoples. Alaska native Charley Brower says, “The story that they tell, is heartwarming for us. People like Dave Fison saw that there are natives there with their own way of telling stories and relating to our Creator.”  In this video, Fison shares what each symbol on his Easter totem pole signifies and his own spiritual journey as a craftsman. (UMTV/Jess Warnock & Lilla Marigza)

April 13

The Importance of Eggs: Children and Easter (umc.org/videos) - In this light-hearted video, experts from the age of 5 to 10, and also the Rev. MaryJane Pierce Norton from the General Board of Discipleship, talk about the traditions of the Easter egg, from hunting eggs, to coloring them to the egg as a symbol of new life. (UMTV/Laurens Glass)

April 16

Easter Atonement - Why did Jesus have to die? United Methodist scholars and clergy across the connection discuss how Christ’s death and resurrection achieved atonement. The cross shows “us something decisive about who God is – God is the God who achieves what God wants through suffering, self-sacrificial love (the cross),” says Bishop Willimon. (UMNS/Heather Hahn)

April 17

Bethlehem Center - The Dallas Bethlehem Center, a 67-year-old United Methodist ministry, has been resurrected after closing for financial reasons in 2011. The ministry, which focuses on kids and families, has been reorganized and is seeing renewed support from North Texas United Methodists as well from local corporations. It's part of Bishop Michael McKee's campaign to eliminate poverty in two hardscrabble zip codes in North Texas. (UMNS/Sam Hodges)

April 18

Easter Around the World – United Methodists from around the world, including Malawi, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Philippines, Zimbabwe share how churches in their cultures celebrate Easter. (Content Team/Tafadzwa Mudambanuki)

Easter Traditions – What are the religious origins of some of our fun Easter traditions? (Interpreter/Kathy Noble)

Already available:

  • Desktop Meditation: Easter Joy - “He is risen!”  As part of the Easter season, watch a reflection that includes joyful photos of United Methodists around the world, set to an upbeat rendition of the song “Marching in the Light of God” performed by the Africa University Choir.  Photographs were taken by United Methodist News Service photographers and photographers from various United Methodist conferences.  http://www.umc.org/news-and-media/desktop-meditation-easter-joy (UMC.org/Kathryn Price)

Also check out umc.org/videos for other pieces.