Nominations sought for evangelist award

May 15, 2014

2014 Distinguished Evangelist

The Foundation for Evangelism is seeking nominations for the 2014 Distinguished Evangelist of the United Methodist Church Award.   With this honor, the Foundation celebrates a United Methodist clergy or lay person whose personal ministry in evangelism is recognized throughout the denomination. The 2014 Distinguished Evangelist of the United Methodist Church will join others such as Adam Hamilton, Shane Bishop, Jorge Acevedo, Charles Anderson, and Mark Beeson as exceptional United Methodist leaders who have a passion for evangelism.

Annual selection of the Distinguished Evangelist Award recipient is based upon simple principles:

  1. A United Methodist clergy or layperson whose ministry is recognized for helping all persons experience God’s transforming love through Jesus Christ;
  2. An individual devoted in mind and heart to evangelism in the spirit of John Wesley;
  3. An individual whose personal life reflects the quality and attractiveness of the Christian religion at its best.

The deadline for nominations is June 4, 2014. To submit your nomination, download this form.

To learn more visit Distinguished Evangelist of The United Methodist Church or call (800) 737-8333.

The Foundation for Evangelism has a vision to develop generations of leaders with a passion for evangelism by partnering with seminaries, agencies, and program innovators.  This mission is fulfilled through grant initiatives such as the E. Stanley Jones Professors of Evangelism, the Culture of the Call Church Award, the Harry Denman Evangelism Awards, and the Distinguished Evangelist of the United Methodist Church.