Cokesbury offers new ways to engage your congregation in Bible study – Check it out at Annual Conference

May 30, 2014








Covenant, a new Bible study from Cokesbury, will have a special preview at the 2014 Annual Conference Session

“Our new in-depth adult Bible study Covenant has 24 videos by scholars which discuss their understandings of the scripture based on the theme of Covenant,” said Gary Anderson, Community Resource Consultant for Cokesbury. “This new study is similar to that of Disciple, but in a flexible format of 3 units of 8 sessions each.”

Annual Conference Session attendees can visit the Cokesbury display on Saturday, June 7 from 12:30-1:30 p.m. to learn more about Covenant Bible Study, a 24-week, video-based study which is from Abingdon Press.

“Pastor Magrey deVega, leadership editor for Covenant Bible Study, will answer questions and share more about this exciting new study,” Anderson said. “Pastor deVega contributed as a writer for the Covenant Leader’s Guide, and is the senior pastor at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Cherokee, Iowa.”

“Having him talk with pastors and the laity about the development of this new study will certainly help customers understand this resource in a very helpful way,” he said.

“Pastor deVega will share his perspective on the development of Covenant and discuss the importance of focused Bible study for pastors and congregations,” continued Anderson. “This informal discussion is a perfect opportunity to see samples of Covenant and learn why in-depth Bible study is vital to your congregation’s growth and relationships with each other and the community.”

Learn more about Covenant Bible Study by visiting