2014 Annual Conference opens with hope for abundant life

June 07, 2014

Bishop Trimble called the 2014 Annual Conference Session to order with the proclamation, “The
Lord be with you.”
In his opening remarks the Bishop recalled the first Methodist Conference bringing about a 
distinctive mission.
“We gather as a conference,” Bishop Trimble said, “to ask, “Is it well with our souls?”
Northwest District Field Outreach Minister and Conference Worship Coordinator Sarah Stevens 
read the Scripture passage Ezekiel 37: 1-14 concerning dry bones and loss of hope. The passage 
concluded with God’s promise to breathe life into His people for them to live.
Attendees joined in singing, “Thy Word is a Lamp Unto My Feet,” with the Conference 
band led by Rev. Jorge Lockward, Director of the Global Praise Program for the General Board
of Global Ministries.
 the General Board of Global Ministries.
In his sermon during Morning Praise and Bible Study Bishop Julius Calvin Trimble said, 
“Mortal, can these bones live is an important Bible lesson for Jews and Christian as signaled by 
when they are read liturgically.” 
“God calls us to a rich and abundant life that we can’t even imagine,” the Bishop said.
In the Wesley Study Bible, John Wesley sees three-fold resurrection in Ezekiel’s vision of 
dry bones, said Bishop Trimble. They are resurrection of souls from the death of sin to life of 
righteousness, the resurrection of the Church from an afflicted state to liberty and peace and the 
resurrection of the body at the great day, believers to life eternal.
The Bishop asked two questions of those in attendance for discussion and study.
“What do you believe God has placed God’s hand on your for?” And, “What does new life look 
“We’ll be back to reflect on those question over the next two days,” Bishop Trimble said.
Morning Praise and Bible Study concluded with the attendees singing, “Listen, God is singing.”