Rev. Paul Shultz remembered as a friend to all

June 07, 2014

Rose Blank, chair of the Conference Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry, opened
the presentation of the Higher Education and Campus Ministry award by introducing Marsha 
Acord, Acting Director at the Wesley Foundation at the University of Iowa, along with Taylor 
Gould, a Communications and Social Media intern at the Wesley Foundation.
The Francis Asbury Award was awarded to Rev. Paul Shultz, who passed away in January 2014, 
for his outstanding service the last 15 years as Executive Director of the Wesley Foundation at 
the University of Iowa.
Rev. Shultz impacted many students’ lives, Blank said.
“Students valued Paul’s mentoring,” she said.
Shultz found creative ways of collaboration with student ministry, said Blank, recognizing the 
Wesley Foundation as a faith community from which young adults would discern their future in 
Blank listed the many areas in which Rev. Shultz served, and said he offered outstanding 
leadership above and beyond basic responsibilities. 
As remarkable as his service was, Blank said she thought of Rev. Shultz as a friend above all, 
along with many others.
“I’ve been incredibly blessed by my time at the Wesley Foundation,” Taylor Gould said.
She attributed Rev. Shultz with being a large part of the reason she would be continuing ministry 
in the United Methodist Church, and then read from a sermon given by Rev. Shultz
“I grasped for anything that might be an anchor,” said Gould, drawing upon a theme of his 
sermon and remarking on her grief at the loss of Rev. Shultz.
“We are still blessed with his legacy,” she said. “He taught so many of us so much.”
“In everything he did, he went above and beyond,” said Gould. “We will always have his legacy 
to hold onto.”
Rev. Shultz’s son Miles Shultz accepted the award on behalf of his family.
“My father’s love of the church sustained him,” Shultz said. 
Regarding issues facing the church today, Shultz said if his father were still alive he would be 
working to reconcile the world as it is with the way it ought to be.