Resolution calls for ministries to all persons; encourages alternatives to church trials

June 08, 2014

The following Resolution was passed during the Sunday, June 8, session of the 2014 Annual 
Conference Session. The vote was 547 - 355, 61% - 39%.
Response to General Conference Inaction (new) 
WHEREAS: The 2012 General Conference of The United Methodist Church has retained 
language in The Book of Discipline which continues to discriminate against lesbian, gay, 
bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT)persons, and 
WHEREAS: We believe that LGBT persons should be entitled equally to all of the ministries of 
The United Methodist Church; 
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That the Iowa Annual Conference affirms its commitment 
to the ecclesiastical rights of all persons and declares its opposition to continued distinctions of 
church law that restrict ministries to LGBT persons; 
FURTHER, BE IT RESOLVED: That the Iowa Annual Conference acknowledges that clergy 
and congregations encountering institutional discrimination may feel bound by conscience to 
offer the ministries of the church to all persons on an equal basis; 
FURTHER, BE IT RESOLVED: That the Iowa Annual Conference encourages its leadership 
to find alternatives to church trials – such as mediation, reconciliation and administrative 
remedies – when responding to pastors who perform same-sex marriages; and 
FURTHER, BE IT RESOLVED: That the Iowa Annual Conference recognizes that the pursuit 
of disciplinary action against any person providing equal access to the sacraments or rituals of 
the church may cause harm to LGBT persons, their sisters and brothers in Christ, faithful clergy, 
the church itself, and all members of the family of God; and
FURTHER, BE IT RESOLVED: As all clergy of the United Methodist Church have
voluntarily covenanted to place themselves under the Discipline of the United Methodist
Church, no part of this motion shall be interpreted as permission or encouragement to violate the 
Action Item originally submitted by: Des Moines: Grace U M C