Fixing of Appointments helps wrap up 2014 Conference

June 09, 2014

The 2014 session of the Iowa Annual Conference began to wind down with the Fixing of 
Appointments service. 
Prior to the reading the new appointments Bishop Trimble said, “Friends, in consultation with 
the District Superintendents who have shared with me their consultations with pastors and local 
congregations and the missional needs of the context in which our faith communities are located. 
I have prayerfully considered the appointments for the Iowa Annual Conference. I believe 
these appointments will enable the love of God to be proclaimed throughout more than 770 
congregations and institutions of our Annual Conference.”
Each of the eight District Superintendents, along with each of the District Field Outreach 
Ministers, presented the new 2014-2015 appointments in their respective Districts.
Southwest District Superintendent and Dean of the Appointive Cabinet Rev. Brian Milford will 
leave his Conference appointment in July to become chief content officer and book editor of 
The United Methodist Church. His replacement will be Rev. Terra Amundson, who was most 
recently pastor for United Methodist Church in Webster City.
Rev. Lilian Gallo Seagren, Superintendent of the Southeast District, will succeed Rev. Milford as 
Dean of the Appointive Cabinet.
Rev. Dennis Tevis, Superintendent of the North Central District, will retire in July. He will be 
succeeded by Rev. Harlan Gillespie, who’s most recent appointment was Senior Pastor of St. 
Paul’s United Methodist Church in Cedar Rapids.
The clergy, responding to the fixing of their appointments, included the statement, “By God’s 
grace we are called into connection.”
Pastors with new appointments stood to be recognized by the Conference, meeting with 
A complete list of the 2014-2015 appointments for the Iowa Annual Conference is posted on the 
Conference website – Click HERE for the direct link.