Design Team Task Force offers report at Annual Conference

June 09, 2014

Rev. Tim Frasher, of Bloomfield/Drakesville Parish in the South Central District addressed the
2014 Annual Conference Session regarding the Design Task Force. 
Rev. Frasher is the chair of the task force, which was established from the Strategic Priorities 
adopted at the 2013 Annual Conference, and given the assignment of looking at Conference 
staffing to determine if that staffing aligns with the adopted priorities.
“In order to gain clarity on our task we lean heavily on our mission statement which is, “Our 
Mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world,” Rev. Frasher 
The task force has researched previous reports on staff structure, he said, and the FACT report 
was beneficial.
Rev. Frasher referenced the report in saying that if there are too many priorities, then in effect 
nothing is a priority.
He said as well that the report stated that the “currently Conference appears to be largely just 
operating, that is, barely addressing present circumstances without robust guidance offered by a 
definitive long-term strategy and supporting five-year plan.”
A facilitator had been hired to guide the process, said Rev. Frasher.
“Part of our task has been working toward some degree of transparency in this process,” he said. 
A blog has been established for the Design Task Force, and Rev. Frasher said that the blog 
would be used for communication on the task force going forward.
Life is a marathon, not a sprint, Rev. Frasher said, and likewise it is with the Task Force.
“We are here to address the process, not the design,” said Rev. Frasher. “In addition we will 
request the Bishop to appoint more persons onto this task force.”
During the summer the task force will meet at least three times with the full committee. 
“In this way we hope to gather a greater understanding of the work that is already happening 
within the Conference, he said.
From September to November the task force will hold public meetings in order to gather 
information from clergy and laity, after which the task force will meet to process and form a final 
In December the task force will meet with the Strategic Implementation Team in order to put the 
final plan into a legislative format. From January to March 2015 the task force will present the 
final version of the plan to various public forums, including pre-Conference and District events.
“At the 2015 Annual Conference we will present the final version,” said Rev. Frasher
“Many annual conferences are changing their conference structure,” he said. “Not because they 
want to, but because they have to.”
“When you listen to Terry (Montgomery, Conference Treasurer) you can see that we are getting 
to the point of having to change due to monetary issues,” said Rev. Frasher.
Being proactive is far better than being reactive, he continued. 
“Our process is intentional, thought out, and prayerful, and so that is my first request for you this 
morning,” Rev. Frasher. “In the upcoming year pray for this Design Task Force.”