Service of Sending joyously ends 2014 Annual Conference

June 09, 2014

“God has been with us today, for a unique and unrepeatable moment,” Bishop Julius Calvin 
Trimble said at the close of the 2014v Annual Conference Session.
“We have been reminded it is possible to have joy in times of grief,” he said.
“In the spirit and with one another we have been sent forth to serve,” said the Bishop.
We offer our joy and our passion throughout the Conference, he said.
Annual Conference attendees extended their personal prayer cloths to join with one another for 
the final blessing.
“Is there a motion to adjourn before we sing our way out of here?!”Bishop Trimble asked.
He received a resounding response and second.
The 2014 Annual Conference closed with a joyous rendition of, “We are marching in the light of