FLOOD UPDATE June 24, 2014

June 26, 2014


ALL three northern Districts have communities with some degree of water and flooding.  Some of these communities are devastated.  Other communities are still at risk.   The national weather forecasts are for more severe weather and rain toward the end of the week, with hot and very humid conditions all across Iowa.

In Northwest Iowa  all looks better today....water is receding....slowly in some places......more rain is expected, many towns are still on alert.  Clean-up has begun, to help in Rock Valley call 712-451-HELP, The City of Akron advises no volunteers needed today, the water is still too high, The city of Rock Rapids needs volunteers, check in at city hall.   OR contact the pastor in the town you wish to help.  PLEASE NO donations of clothing or other un-requested items.

In North Central Iowa, flood waters are going down and clean-up has began.  To help contact pastor Paul Evans, North Central District DRC 712-490-9693. or the District office 515-832-2784

Reports from the Eastern part of Iowa show river levels on the rise.  Clean-up supplies and Clean-up buckets are available in many locations.  Contact the Northeast District Office for help 319-268-7502.  Or Northeast District Disaster Response Coordinator Marlys Anderson 563-379-2243

In the  district, the waters threaten to flood on the Cedar River,  If you need help contact the East Central District Office 319-365-6273, or the East Central District Disaster Response Coordinator, Becky or Mike  Woods 319-270-3940

At this time, to the best of our ability......

We have at least 58 communities dealing with water and flooding including; (not a complete listing, let us know whom to add) 

Rock Rapids, Lester, Rock Valley, Alvord, Hawarden, Akron, Evansdale, Asbury, Dubuque, Cedar Falls, Cherokee, Elgin, Spillville, Maynard, Brendon, Postville, Stout,  Volney, Waterloo, Camanche, Burlington, Marengo, Charles City,  New Hartford, Iowa Falls, Jesup, Waukon, Garner, Eagle Grove, Klemme, Broadgate, Blackhawk, Fayette, Elkader, Inwood

Mason City,  Waverly, Clarion, Shellrock,  Hornick, Sloan  

and acres and acres of cropland. 

The Governor has made an emergency proclamation in 18 Iowa counties.

As of today (June 23, 2014) we have delivered 100 clean-up buckets To Rock Rapids, 100 Clean-up buckets to Rock Valley,  40 Clean-up buckets to Hawarden, 20 Clean-up buckets to Akron, 50 Clean-up buckets to Garner,  25 Clean-up buckets to Klemme, 10 Clean-up buckets to Sloan, 10 Clean-up Buckets to Hornick, 50 Clean-up buckets to Pilger, NE.  Also delivered;  5 Palletts of water, and assorted other clean-up supplies as requested by each community.  More Clean-Up buckets will  be delivered this week and we have ordered some for the eastern side of the state.

Don’t Forget,

Several communities are still dealing with wind and tornado damage.  The week of June 15-17, 2014 we had at least three and as many as seven reported tornados in Iowa.  With the community of Clarksville hit the hardest.

Hail did significant damage to the Southwest District June 2-4, 2014. Strong storms with drenching rain, wind and large hail hit between Missouri Valley and Council Bluffs.  4 of our UMC Churches sustained damage and are recovering.


PRAY: Pray for those affected by water and wind.  It is in prayer that we unleash the power of God for one another.

FINANCIAL DONATIONS:  Your donations are needed.   ALL funds given thru Advance Special #223 are used to help those in disaster.

VOLUNTEER:  ALL of the communities that have had water are in need (and will be in need) of volunteers.  Please arrange with the local pastor or contact for your group to volunteer.

DRIVERS are needed:  We have a semi load of Clean-up buckets due in Smithland Iowa (Northwest District) Wednesday, June 25, 2014 and Thursday, June 26, 2015 Drivers with pick-up truck and trailers are needed to disburse these supplies to those communities who need them.  Please contact Pastor Catie Newman to volunteer 712-899-4067, and for details.

BE A FRIEND:  Contact those you know affected by the flooding, tornados, wind or hail and chat, pray, listen, cry, send a note and be a friend.  Those dealing with the loss of home, church, school, friends need YOU to be “with” them in this difficult time.  Take the time to pray together.

CLEAN-UP BUCKETS:  Clean-up buckets are needed all over the state.  Buckets can be made and delivered to any of our UMC Summer Camps, Pictured Rocks, Camp Okoboji or Wesley Woods for temporary storage.  Consider having 10-25 buckets stored in storage in your church or town for emergencies. (Directions for making a Clean-up Bucket are attached.) 

Contact your District Disaster Response Coordinator to request help,  with questions or to volunteer to help.

Southwest – Vicki Wedemeyer  712-249-6703

North Central – Paul Evans 712-490-9693

Central – Julie Wehner  515-201-8183

South Central – to be announced

East Central – Mike and Becky Wood  319-270-3940

Northeast – Marlys Anderson  563-379-2243

Southeast – Arden and Karen Hughes  319-621-3872 

Northwest – Jena or Kirk Manchester  319-981-2971






Catie and John Newman

IAUMC Disaster Response Coordinators 


712-899-4067 phone or text


It takes ALL of us

To make a difference

For EACH of us.

John 15:12