July School Teachers for Nigeria

July 07, 2014

In Nigeria:

·       The rainy season has started

·       Banyam  Theological Seminary will be dismissing for mid year break

·       Junior Secondary School will graduate 38 students on July 12

·       The North Conference is trying to raise $3,125 to begin construction on a new Nursery/Primary School. The present building is a one large auditorium size room, no separating walls, a dirt floor, no electricity, crooked wooden windows…a pathetic sight but faithful teachers teach making the best of the situation and children learn by the rote method.


Strange names! Each of these Nigerian villages is the location of literacy programs sponsored by the Lit-Lit program of the Central Conference United Methodist Church.  Ahmadu Maidoki, the Literacy Director, visits almost inaccessible villages where there are no schools for anyone, 95% of the people are illiterate, superstitious and don’t understand the need for education.  His question is “How will these people grow spiritually?” 

In places like Saladuna, literacy teachers are sent to enroll learners with great success. Classes are set up for adult learners using a blackboard under a tree with their school supplies being their finger and sand.  Simple reading, basic arithmetic and printing letters are all taught along with Bible reading.  Upon completion of the Lit-Lit course, the most sought after item is a Bible in the Hausa language for the students to own and read. Bibles may be purchased for about $8 in Nigeria.

Ahmadu Maidoki says”May the Lord give us spirit in decreasing the number of illiterates for the Glory of God.”  Through support of the Lit-Lit program idol worshipers or animists will come to know Jesus Christ and souls will be saved! 

How can we make that happen?  Your support may be sent through your local church to the Conference Treasurer marked; INP, #230, Lit Lit.   We who have been educated  know the importance of learning!


Uzajja Dauda, one of the Banyam Theological Seminary faculty, will be traveling to Abuja to get his Zimbabwe visa in preparation for flying to Zimbabwe where he will attend Africa University getting a Master’s Degree.  We are short about $1,500 to pay his tuition, books and school fees so if you are willing to help with his continuing education, see paragraph above about sending money.  He’s thrilled and I’m excited for him to have this educational opportunity, thanks to you Iowans.

Our love story between Carolyn Carter, from Wilton but who had been an individual volunteer teaching at the Junior Secondary School in Jalingo, and Ezekiel Gwi, who arrived in the U.S., has a U.S. driver’s license and is getting his social security number, continues as they announce their wedding on August 9.