KCCI: Iowans willing to get arrested for deportation protests

July 22, 2014

By Laura Nichols - kcci.com

The Trinity Las Americas United Methodist Church in Des Moines is planning to send a group to the White House soon, and they're prepared to get arrested for civil disobedience.

The group, many of them part of the congregation at Trinity, wants all deportations to end.

They said deportations shouldn't happen unless the person has committed a violent crime.

Dozens gathered in the sanctuary at the church on Monday night to pray and read Bible verses.

The groups said, as Christians, all children should be welcomed into the U.S.

They said Iowans should show our support in helping these children instead of letting them get incarcerated and deported.

“It’s troubling for a person, like myself, who is a parent or grandparent, and persons who have children to imagine children, would put themselves through an arduous journey to travel up to 45 days for the simple chance of freedom,” said Bishop Julius Trimble, of the United Methodist Church for the State of Iowa.

The group isn't sure yet how many of them will travel to Washington, D.C.

They said anyone who is willing to get arrested for civil disobedience for standing by the cause is welcome to come.

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