UMCOM Game Changers Summit: September 3-5

July 30, 2014










The Game Changers Summit will add rocket fuel to your mission-based programs. You’ll meet leading thinkers in technology and community development and learn how to leverage the world's growing access to cell towers, Internet and hardware.

Simple technology is transforming lives:

  • Printed textbooks in remote village schools are often decades old, but children are getting a modern education thanks to computer labs (sometimes solar-powered).
  • United Methodist communicators are helping prevent cholera and malaria by using group text messaging in areas without Internet.
  • Mission teams are bringing solar-powered devices to areas where electricity is unreliable, providing light and cellphone charging – often as a means of income generation.
  • United Methodists are using a "smartphone in the cloud" platform to provide e-books, information and videos in areas where smartphones are scarce.

The Game Changers Summit will amplify the impact of your programs in powerful and cost-effective ways. Mark your calendars now, and watch for updates here.

Email them at [email protected] Or call 877-228-3168.

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