Walking where the children walked – Bishop Trimble’s journey to McAllen, Texas

August 18, 2014

Bishop Julius Calvin Trimble was among a group of faith and community leaders from both The United States and Mexico who visited a temporary holding facility for unaccompanied migrant children in McAllen, Texas.

Here are some of the Bishop’s impressions from August 18…

9:51 am
I am standing at the river where refugees, human trafficking, and drug smuggling takes place. We can see Mexico across the river…river border patrol and state troopers are all around. I see the Rio Grand Rio Bravo rivers.

10:13 am
When refugees are received they come to the bus station and welcome center in McAllen,Texas. I’m where they stop after the process center.

11:04 am
At bus stop where families catch buses to connect with their families or host families in the U.S.

3:47 pm
Leaving the Rio Grand Valley processing center in McAllen where unaccompanied children and youth 18 and younger…the work for the churches is to be Good News







Volunteer coordinator at sacred heart Catholic Church and center where families are helped with food and clothing, showers and health screening. McAllen,Texas.












Parking lot of Rio Grand Valley processing center for children. Children from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and even China come by way of Cuba and Mexico .








Leaving process center which was constructed very recently to handle and process children as many as 1000 in McAllen in one day