Storms update

September 02, 2014

A quick update,  from the storms Sunday, August 31, 2014...

The hardest hit appear to be those in line with Dakota, City, NE, Sergeant Bluff, Iowa and Denison, Iowa

ALL three towns and the farms and land in between have reported massive damage to trees, trees and limbs on homes and power lines down,

Vickie was in contact with Pastor Alberta in Denison  shortly after the storm and she reported many tree limbs down but all else in Denison seemed "OK"
Jena was in contact with Pastor Tim in Sergeant Bluff during the storm and he reported many tree limbs down and no electricity at the parsonage, but otherwise all "OK"

John and I were contacted by the state IDHRC (Iowa Department of Home land Security)  on Monday morning requesting chainsaw help in Sergeant Bluff for Monday and Tuesday

We have a local team scheduled for Tuesday to help in Sergeant Bluff with those properties that do not have the resources to get the trees/limbs moved.

We asked about Denison and  they said that no requests have come in from the County EMA (Emergency Management Agency) or the City of Denison.

There is a report of at least one injury due to lightening, no details are known.

It would appear that at this time local resources can handle the needed clean-up

Please Pray for all those affected by the most recent storms and those still recovering from storms this summer

Keep Watch
Be Prepared

Catie and John Newman
IAUMC Disaster Response Coordinators