Wesleylife's The Village Transforms the Impression and Experience of Aging

September 18, 2014

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By Liz Winders*

Rev. Myron Brockmeyer, resident of The Village in Indianola Iowa, woke up one morning praising God that he and his wife, Delpha lived there. He asked God how he should celebrate and commemorate the new fulfilling chapter in their life and he immediately thought of Bishop Julius Calvin Trimble.

With an “in” at the Bishop’s office, his daughter Diane Brockmeyer is the Bishop’s Executive Secretary, he arranged a luncheon where Bishop Trimble, First Lady Racelder Granberry-Trimble and other staff of the Iowa Conference of The United Methodist Church could enjoy food prepared by their professional chef, fellowship and hospitality of The Village and learn more about the giving spirit of their community and facility.

The luncheon was held on September 18, 2014 and 35 residents, Bishop Trimble and guests attended. Chad Piper, Executive Director of The Village, gave a short presentation about Wesleylife and specifically about what the residents of The Village experience. He said, “Wesleylife’s non-profit mission is focused on the quality of life not the quantity of life.” He referred the acronym C.H.L. which stands for the Community for Healthy Living which is a holistic approached to well-being, focusing in on the mind, body and spirit and trying to enhance the aging experience. “Our mission goes beyond the walls of this operation. Our goal is to serve seniors, wherever they call home.”

Focused on Serving not Being Served

The Village is a very unique property. In many senior life organizations individuals are focused on being served. But at The Village, the focus is much different. With 18 religious officials who call The Village home, the sense of duty and service resonates with the entire population, providing purpose and passion. The residents and staff foster and build their community by taking care of one another, serving on committees and giving to those around them inside and outside the walls of The Village.

The Village provides a home, a vibrant social life, plenty of friends, in addition to a variety of intellectual, physical and spiritual opportunities to Rev. Myron Brockmeyer, his wife and all the residents. Bishop Trimble was delighted to be a guest and commented, “The Village is not only a Five Star facility but is made up of Five Star people and it was a privilege and honor to be here.

Another highlight of the day was the opportunity for Merle Lamb to receive the good wishes on her upcoming 100th birthday from Bishop and Mrs. Trimble. 

Wesleylife’s family of services provides retirement living, healthcare and rehabilitation, in-home health, adult day centers, community wellness and public health.

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*Liz Winders is the Content Manager, Iowa Conference of the United Methodist Church