Agreement resolves same-sex union complaint

Agreement resolves same-sex union complaint

October 02, 2014

By Kathy L. Gilbert

Oct. 2, 2014 | PHILADELPHIA (UMNS)

Philadelphia Area Bishop Peggy Johnson announced Oct. 2 the resolution of a complaint filed against 36 United Methodist pastors who officiated at the Nov. 9, 2013, same-sex union of two men.

Both the United Methodists who filed the complaint and the pastors involved agreed to the resolution. The move eliminates the possibility of a church trial in this case.

The resolution calls for the pastors to acknowledge that they violated rules of the United Methodist Book of Discipline. In return, the complaint will be withdrawn.

Both sides will meet twice and have pledged not to discuss publicly any of the “debates or statements” that will lead to final statements.

“The complainants and respondents will meet for dialogue about the core issues on which there is disagreement and the role of the Discipline in our life together as United Methodist disciples of Jesus Christ,” Johnson said in a statement.

“Our goal is to humbly and steadfastly live out our call to follow Jesus Christ and do our best to keep the church faithful and healthy.”

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