Finally, Martha* is a Citizen

Martha, who is originally from Kenya, came to Iowa Justice for Our Neighbors after her citizenship application had been pending for almost two years. She filed her application when she lived in Ohio. At her first citizenship interview, the officer did not believe she met the requirement that she live in Ohio 90 days prior to filing her application for citizenship. Her application was denied for this very minor reason.  Martha’s previous attorney filed an appeal with evidence that she did meet the 90 day residency requirement.  While the appeal was pending, Martha moved back to Iowa. After Martha contacted Justice for Our Neighbors, we contacted U.S. Citizenship and Immigration on her behalf several times over the course of two years.

Finally, four years after the appeal was filed, Martha had a hearing on her case. IA JFON Attorney Brynne Howard represented Martha at the appeal hearing. After a very brief appeal hearing, Martha’s citizenship application was granted!