A farewell to the Riverview Park District from Rev. Dr. Heecheon Jeon

A farewell to the Riverview Park District from Rev. Dr. Heecheon Jeon

June 09, 2022

Dear my beloved leaders at the Riverview Park District, 

I am so grateful that I have had an opportunity to know you and to work with you as your district superintendent for last six years. My yes to God’s call in ministry has brought incredible joys and hopes because of your presence and witnesses. I will never forget every moment that I have walked closely with each of you in my daily prayer, and in meetings, and in all those ministries we’ve been together. 

When I moved in Des Moines in 2016, the first thing my wife Anne and I did was that we drove around our district from church to church, and we prayed that we would love and serve them all. That same prayer will continue wherever we go. The list of my prayer will be added continuously. 

Especially, I do deeply appreciate your resilience and creativity amid the pandemic and all those transitions in our conference as well as unprecedented challenges in our beloved denomination. But I have never given upon John Wesley’s vision of the worldwide church: “I look upon the world as my parish.” His love for the people and passion for transforming ministries around the world are always inspiring and empowering. Our worldwide connection will continue to be a powerful means of grace to make our world better and more welcoming and more inclusive and more diverse and more connected and more peaceful for all and particularly for those who are oppressed and marginalized. 

So, I am convinced that we United Methodists will continue to reach out to the marginalized people. 

We United Methodists will continue to transform our world. 

We United Methodists will continue to journey with God to touch lives. 

“Best of all, God is with us,” no matter what! 

May God bless you and keep you in peace and grace. 

May your ministry thrive in transforming the world. 

May your church flourish as you are all deeply committed to The United Methodist Church. 

Thank you again for your unending support and love!


Rev. Heecheon Jeon, Ph. D. 

District Superintendent of the Riverview Park District 

Iowa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church