A thank you from Hamburg UMC

A thank you from Hamburg UMC

July 11, 2019

We recently received a letter from Hamburg Methodist Church thanking all who donated to help the town recover from the flooding. You can still donate to Iowa Disaster Recovery by visiting: https://www.iaumc.org/disasterministries

The letter reads:

"Our Hamburg, Iowa church family is very grateful for your donation to aid us in our recovery from the recent flood that affected much of our community. We were fortunate that our sanctuary was not flooded and that we only have a flooded basement to contend with.

We were blessed with volunteers from the United Methodist Church, Shenandoah, IA that arrived with supplies and equipment and encouraging words.

We are still without gas and water as many underground lines and pipes in the community were affected and are being replaced. Four of the churches in our community were affected by the flood but the remaining church opened their doors and hearts to all of us for worship and meetings that we might all continue to thank God for his blessings and goodness.

Please continue to keep our church and town in your prayers as we go forward...and again, thank you for your gift that will be a great help in getting us on our feed and back to the work of helping others."