AC2018 Teaching Workshops

AC2018 Teaching Workshops

May 07, 2018


Saturday, June 9, 2018 at 4:10 p.m. - All workshops will be held on the 300 level of Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center

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Discipleship Pathways Workshops 

  • 1. Room 301 | Rev. Christian Coon 

  • 2. Room 302 | Missional Church in a Post Christian Word: Dr. Christopher James 

  • 3. Room 303 | Fresh Expression: Elad Shapira, Pastor of Community UMC 
    Where are the people? They aren’t in our churches. If this sounds like you or your pastor, then you need a fresh expression of your church to reach the people where they are. There will be a time of teaching but also a time of practicing so that we can all get a handle on what it means to spread the gospel afresh.

  • 4. Room 304 | New Communities of Faith in Existing Churches:  Rev. Eric Shubert, Rev. Vicki Fisher, Ms. Sheryl Dammann, Pastor Melodee Carstens, Ms. Jenny Knutter 

Mental Health Workshops

  • 5. Room 305 | Our Churches Talking About Mental Health: Rev. Lee Schott
    We will practice telling our stories about how mental health has affected us and our churches.  We'll practice listening to one another with care and respect.  We'll notice how our experiences intersect with policy questions that are being discussed right now in Iowa and beyond.  The conversations we have in small circles—an informal kind of "peace circle"—will prepare participants to lead similar conversations in our local churches, and to create a culture of welcome for persons and their families who are living through mental health challenges. Limited to 40 participants.

  • 6. Room 306 | The Church's Role in the Mental Health Condition of the State: Erica Shannon Stueve
    This workshop will begin with a brief primer on mental health challenges and successes in the state, as well as information on legislation passed in 2018. The majority of the time will be spent with a panel of mental health clinicians sharing practical ways churches can make a difference in the mental health needs of their community. The workshop will conclude with an opportunity to ask the panel questions from your congregation.  No participant limitation. 

    • Resources and Additional Information: Resources shared from the clinician panel and on how to lead a welcoming conversation in your church will be available at both workshops, as well as online. 

      District training and educational events are being scheduled for late summer into the fall on mental health. Details coming shortly - please share with others in your church and community. Thank you for you interest in this important ministry of the United Methodist Church!

Justice For Our Neighbors

  • 7. Room 319 | Immigration 101: This presentation is intended as an educational resource. It is for general information purposes only—nothing should be construed as legal advice. We will share information about how people can immigrate to the US. What are the different categories of visas available and how long it takes to do the process? What is the difference between refugee and asylum seekers? What is a "lottery" visa"? What is a "U" visa? What is DACA and TPS?


  • 8. Room 320 | Benefit Basics: Navigating Your Benefit Options: Joni Mardesen

Mission Education

  • 9. Room 318 | In Mission Together: hosted by the Mission Education Team.

    Presenters are North Central Jurisdiction Mission Advocates, Steve and Gail Quigg, and Iowa In Mission Together Advocate, Judy Marnin. Q & A will be encouraged about changes from Rainbow Covenant reporting at end of 2018 to new program in 2019, In Mission Together.