AC2020 Special Offerings: "Global Health—Seeking Health and Wholeness for All"

AC2020 Special Offerings:

July 17, 2020

Mabaan Flood Relief

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Floods in South Sudan have demolished housing, destroyed cropland, killed livestock, contaminated drinking water, and taken out roads. We have hundreds of Mabaan living in Iowa, across the country, and in Canada. They are asking for our help to send relief to Mabaan County, South Sudan. Knowing the devastation floods have brought to our own state, please express your support for the Mabaan!

Over the years some of the Mabaans have been relocated to the United States and specifically in the Des Moines area. The South Sudanese Mabaan United Methodist Church was formed and now worships at First United Methodist Church in Des Moines.

To provide aid to their families, the Mabaan Flood Relief committee has been formed. Their goal is to provide fundraising efforts through the United Methodist Church and beyond. 

The U.S. Mabaans would like assistance to help their people reorganize their lives when the waters recede. The Iowa Annual Conference is committed to helping the Mabaans drastically affected by this flooding.

Be a Difference Maker, donate to the Mabaan Flood Relief Fund or send a check to Iowa Annual Conference, Treasurer's Office, 2301 Rittenhouse St., Des Moines, IA 50321, On MEMO line: #53321-MF        

The Africa University Dream Farm  

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The AU Dream Farm has made its mark as a leader in the dairy and poultry sector. 

 "Our dairy products are some of the best in the country and in every step of our processes, we ensure hygiene, to prevent contamination, efficiency to prevent waste and freshness of our final products which has culminated in the recognition we receive today for our products. One of the main buyers of our milk is Dariboard in addition to other players in the market who know us for our quality,” said AU Dream Farm Manager Mr. Mpofu.

Africa University has won numerous awards at both the provincial and national level for its agricultural products. Business enterprise and innovation remain key strategic pillars for the institution as it embraces the education 5.0 revolution and positions itself as a leader on the continent in holistic Pan- African education that positively contributes to Africa’s development agenda.

The AU Dream Farm is a mixed commercial farm with a chicken layer unit that holds a capacity of 6000 birds at any given time as well as a piggery of 60 animals that support the sale of serviced gilts to members of the community who are looking to establish small scale piggery projects of their own. 2000 broiler chickens are produced fortnightly that serve the University’s Bonaventure / Ndorimana Dining Hall and also support Mutare’s hotels, restaurants, and schools. Livestock such as sheep, goats, and rabbits are also reared in addition to food crops such as Maize, Broccoli, Cabbage, and Wheat.