Advent Devotion December 10

December 10, 2018


As we draw closer to Christmas one would think we would start to slow down and reflect on what Jesus’s birth really means to this broken and hurting world. The opposite is actually what happens – we add more and more to our schedule – shopping, programs, family gatherings, parties and the hustle and bustle of the season and often the real reason for the season almost gets lost in the wrappings and glitter.  
As Christians we know that if it wasn’t for Easter there would be no reason to celebrate his birthday.  We need to daily keep close to his word and walk in his path sharing his unconditional love to all we meet.  Sharing the path as it was given to us in his written word so long ago. Trusting in him and him alone.

An Ordinary Night
Near Bethlehem on a quiet hillside
Shepherds keeping watch did abide
Nothing unusual about this night
Suddenly an angel, what a sight!
More brilliant than anything they’d ever seen
They pondered and thought, what does it mean?
The Angel’s message to them was clear
A special baby to born very near.
Drawn by the star, they followed where it led
Leading them to a baby in a lowly manger bed.
No room it would seem for them in the inn
Before them lay the one who would forgive their sin.
Who would have thought a baby so small
Would one day offer a better way for all.
A short time on earth he spent you see
But miracles he wrought for those who believe.                                         
It seemed to the shepherds an ordinary sight
But the destiny of man was changed that night.
--  J. Appenzeller ‘98
Each day is a gift from God – Enjoy it! 

By: Joanne Appenzeller, Wesley Woods Camp and Retreat Center