Be in mission with UMC missionary Bruna Farát da Silva Mahamane Kakalé

Be in mission with UMC missionary Bruna Farát da Silva Mahamane Kakalé

November 17, 2021

Your opportunity to serve with a United Methodist missionary can become a reality! A Brazilian, Bruna Farát da Silva Mahamane Kakalé, now serves as a United Methodist missionary in Siquirres, Costa Rica. She is one of the newest assigned missionaries serving with Global Ministries. Kakalé is asking YOU and YOUR CHURCH to financially and prayerfully share in her mission work.

Accepting Jesus Christ as a child, Kakalé vowed to follow Jesus faithfully with a desire to become a missionary. This opportunity awaited her as she served in cross-cultural ministries in Niger, Venezuela, and Chile before being commissioned as a United Methodist Missionary assigned to French Guiana. During the COVID 19, Kakalé waited for a religious visa but found the French Government did not issue them. The wait continued as Global Ministries searched locations for her to serve her mission call. Costa Rica was the answer! Kakalé, her husband Nouhou, and their 15-month-old daughter, Hadassa, arrived in Siquirres, Costa Rica, on October 27, 2021.  

Her ministry assignment is to serve as a congregational development coordinator in the three small communities of Cairo, Pacuarite, and Matina. Organizing Bible study, prayer groups, discipleship training are part of her portfolio. Another goal is to begin work with youth and young adults.  

General Board of Global Ministries' money from apportionments and endowment funds is not enough to cover the average cost of supporting a missionary for one year. So, Kakalé is asking for Advance donations to sustain her missionary program. 

A former UMC missionary, Beverly Nolte, has become a mentor for Kakalé over the past two years and encourages Iowa United Methodist Churches to support her. To be in mission with her allows an individual or church to serve our Lord in exciting missionary service. Be a missionary supporter.