Bishop Laurie on Hurricane Harvey

Bishop Laurie on Hurricane Harvey

August 27, 2017


Our collective hearts are heavy as we watch the news about the devastating impact of Hurricane Harvey on Texas and parts of Louisiana. There are two things we can do: pray and act.

I invite you to use this prayer that Bishop Scott Jones of the Texas Annual Conference has shared.
Oh God, we need your help. We need the rain to end, the floodwaters to recede, the damaging winds to stop. We need fortitude to cope with this disaster. We need love to share with our neighbors. We need strength to endure. Lord, we know that storms come in our world, and we are asking for your help in getting through it, repairing the damage and rebuilding our lives. We pray for ourselves, our friends and all those affected by Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath. Give us the willingness and strength to be your agents in responding to this disaster

I also invite you to act by supporting UMCOR - United Methodist Committee On Relief.

These suggestions come from the UMCOR website.
As The United Methodist Church conferences from across the country offer support and await an invitation to assist the Early Response Teams and disaster coordinators in Harvey clean up and recovery, here are 5 Things You Can Do:

  1. Please continue to pray for those whose lives have been impacted by hurricane/tropical storm Harvey. Please also pray for the Early Response Teams, disaster coordinators, and many volunteers in The Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist ChurchLouisiana Conference of The United Methodist ChurchRío Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church and Central Texas Conference who are working tirelessly to provide relief after Harvey.
  2. Make relief kits…/Relief-S…/Relief-Supply-Kits/Cleaning 
  3. Give to UMCOR’s relief and recovery efforts:…/SPageNaviga…/umcor_donate.html… 
  4. Donate only those items requested.
  5. Please wait for an invitation to volunteer.

Thank you for your prayers for our brothers and sisters in harm’s way from Hurricane Harvey. The Iowa Conference website will be providing frequent updates and opportunities for you to offer your support.

Bishop Laurie