Bruna Farat Kakale prepares to begin mission in French Guiana

Bruna Farat Kakale prepares to begin mission in French Guiana

November 13, 2020

By: Beverly Nolte

United Methodist Missionary from Iowa, Douglas Williams continues his ministries in Argentina during this COVID-19 pandemic.  Several missionaries heavily supported by Iowa churches are Katherine Parker (Nepal), Dr. Emmanuel and Florence Mefor (Zimbabwe) and Jane Kies (Zimbabwe). Larry Kies (Zimbabwe) recently retired and now serves as adjunct professor at Africa University.

Global Ministries continues commissioning new missionaries to be from “everywhere to everywhere!” One of these new persons is Bruna Farat Kakale, a young Brazilian woman, who is preparing to begin a Methodist presence in French Guiana. Bruna has mission experience in Chile, Venezuela and Niger, where she met her husband, Nouhou. She has worked with indigenous people, served as a missionary/pastor, and was a social project manager.

Her work in Cayenne, French Guiana is supported by the Methodist Church in Brazil and the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas (MCCA) where she will launch the Methodist presence. You are welcome to read her biographical background, her call to mission and opportunities to support her as your NEW missionary. Join her in this exciting opportunity to take God’s word to a new country!