Carroll FUMC dismantles old bleachers and builds new desks for students across the world

Carroll FUMC dismantles old bleachers and builds new desks for students across the world

May 16, 2022

Submitted by Carroll First United Methodist Church

In the summer of 2021, a dozen members from Carroll First United Methodist Church and one from Glidden United Methodist Church traveled to Midwest Mission Distribution Center in Pawnee, Illinois. Six members of our group worked on projects there creating desks out of old bleacher wood the center received from schools. These very compact and durable desks are then shipped all over the world to help students in struggling countries.

A congregational member shared this story with a friend who is on the board at Carroll Kuemper Catholic School. The Kuemper Board agree to donated the wood from their old gym bleachers which will be removed this summer. All First United Methodist Church has to do is supply helpers to dismantle, remove the old bleachers, and haul away the wood.

This unfolding story was related to a former church member, Matthew Winterboer, who grew up in the Carroll Methodist church, and who now teaches at Marian Catholic High School in Omaha. He checked with the President of Marian and discovered that the process of replacing their bleachers was already under way. On May 2 he informed his parents of First United Methodist that Midwest Mission Distribution can have the wood from their old bleachers if it can pick it up by Thursday, May 5.

Jeff Honold of First church volunteered a truck and trailer for hauling the wood back to Carroll. A work team of five was quickly assembled to help with loading the wood onto the trailer. Upon arrival at Marian, this work team was joined by two classes of girls who gave up their class period to help. The girls formed an assembly line approach to haul out the wood and the trailer was loaded in short order.

The wood from the Kuemper bleachers will be added to the Marian bleacher wood in June. Then in August when a team from First United Methodist Church will volunteer at Midwest Mission Distribution Center all of the wood will be transported to be processed into student desks that could benefit students in remote areas of the world.

If you have any questions or want more information, contact Pastor Terry Plocher at 319-240-8524 or Clay Winterboer at 712-830-6251.