Celebrate Advent and Christmas with Bishop Laurie Haller

Celebrate Advent and Christmas with Bishop Laurie Haller

December 15, 2020

Bishop Laurie Haller invites you to join her on a journey to renew our collective practices of prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness as we begin a new Christian year. 
In the message for the First Sunday of Advent, Bishop Laurie remarks, “What is it that holds us together as people called United Methodists? It is a set of spiritual practices that center around the membership vows we take.”
During Bishop Laurie’s Vision 2032 Conversations, many of you said that we needed to regain a genuine sense of connection with each other.
Each brief message is based upon one of the lectionary passages of the Sundays of Advent and Christmas Eve. They may be used alongside what you have already planned for your worship services, for personal reflection, or small group discussion. The messages provide a means to recenter our practice of becoming disciples of Jesus and our connection as a people called United Methodists. 

Week One - Prayers

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Week Two - Presence

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Week Three - Gifts

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Week Four - Service

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Week Five - Christmas - Witness

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A Christmas Message from Bishop Laurie

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