Circuit 4 of the Riverview Park District gets creative during Holy Week

Circuit 4 of the Riverview Park District gets creative during Holy Week

April 26, 2022

Circuit 4 of the Riverview Park District has been brainstorming ideas on how to get their churches introduced and working with each other. 

"Pastor Dani Musselman has been leading our circuit to find ways that we could be in ministry with one another and she came up with the idea to do devotions during Holy Week as a way of introducing the circuit churches to one another," said Pastor Nate Nims of Grace United Methodist Church in Des Moines.

Musselman, who is the pastor of Centennial United Methodist Church at Ivy outside Altoona, Iowa, began researching the best way to connect all the different churches.

"Because our churches are quite different in mission, size, and location, we thought online devotions might be one of the best ways to connect our various congregations at least to start," she said. "I searched the lectionary and chose stories for Holy Week that we could all read aloud, ask reflective questions alongside, and end with prayer."

Pastor Jordan Derhammer of West Des Moines United Methodist Church took the lead on editing, and the church leaders shared the videos on their Facebook pages and with their congregations. Almost all of the churches were able to participate in the videos, including:
-LaTonya (pastor) & Christine (lay leader) at Windsor UMC
-Andrea & Jordan (both pastors) at West Des Moines UMC
-Cris (pastor) at Walnut Hills
-Nate (pastor) at Grace 
-Karen (lay leader) at Des Moines Marquisville UMC
-Lee (pastor) at Valley UMC
-Dani (pastor) at Centennial UMC at Ivy

"Sharing these devotions through Holy Week has been a great reminder that we are in ministry together and that United Methodist Churches continue to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world," said Nims.