Clergy wellness incentive reminder

Clergy wellness incentive reminder

January 02, 2020

From January through May 15, 2020, you have a second chance to complete the Wellness Incentives in order to add $500 to your Health Savings Account.

  1. A visit to your health care provider for a wellness visit OR you can self-enter a doctor visit regarding an on-going health condition. See the Wellmark wellness portal.
  2. Participating in the Virgin Pulse Healthmiles program by uploading your physical activity at least one times/month for three months. Swimming, yoga, and weight workouts count. Check out Virgin Pulse tracking app on app or Google Play.
  3. Tracking a health habit for at least 10 times/month for two months either through Wellmark wellness portal or through Virgin Pulse Healthmiles.

The rewards are earned for the conference year July 1, 2019 through May 15, 2020.  If you earned them by Nov. 30, 2019 the reward monies will be placed into your HSA account during January. Rewards earned December through May will be placed HSA accounts during July. Please go to the Wellmark Wellness portal to self-enter your doctors visit and/or check rewards earned. The Incentive details and instructions for the Wellmark Wellness Portal and Virgin Pulse are located here.