Closed Church Donates $5000 to Iowa Midwest Mission

Closed Church Donates $5000 to Iowa Midwest Mission
Pictured are Joel and Denise Heinz and Jan and Dennis Trommeter of Dawson. Danille Curtis, the Iowa Coordinator of Midwest Mission in Jefferson, IA, is in the center.

August 18, 2023

The Dawson United Methodist Church in Dawson, Iowa, which closed in June of this year, gave a $5,000 donation to Midwest Mission from their remaining funds.

Denise Heinze said before closing that their parish had been very active in United Methodists Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM). It had taken several mission trips around the United States, so they earmarked the money to continue mission work. 

In addition to the monetary donation, several tables were donated to the Iowa location for use, and volunteer leader, Brett Ahrens, refinished a church pew from the Dawson sanctuary that sits right inside the door at Midwest Mission Iowa for volunteers to use. 

"We are so thankful to the Dawson UMC congregation for thinking of Midwest Mission in their giving, and we are honored and proud to have a piece of their church in our location so their legacy lives on through the work we do at Midwest Mission," said Curtis.