Colfax UMC asked to 'up the ante' to help community

Colfax UMC asked to 'up the ante' to help community

May 08, 2020

12 families, including 19 children, aren't going hungry over the weekend because of the generosity of the people of the Colfax United Methodist Church and other congregations in the community.
“We just knew there was a need, and we’ll take care of that need for as long as it needs to be,” said Rev. Terry Pollard of the Colfax United Methodist Church.

Listen to a conversation with Rev. Terry Pollard about the ecumenical outreach.

Colfax has a backpack program, spearheaded by the Christian Church across the street from Pollard’s church. When school was suspended due to the coronavirus, Pollard said the Christian Church reached out to his church to “up the ante” to help these families.
“In two days, we had $565 given by our small congregation to help, but we knew we needed to do more than money,” Pollard said. “We have several people in our church every week who pack the food for the families to pick up.”
The Catholic Church and Baptist Church in town have also begun helping with the mission, and Pollard says that’s what mission is all about.
“It’s all about letting the church be the church, and keep on keeping on,” he said.