Creative way to boost local church giving and social media engagement — #IGiveUMC

Creative way to boost local church giving and social media engagement — #IGiveUMC

May 04, 2020

Looking for a creative way to boost local church giving and social media engagement? #IGiveUMC is your answer.

This new campaign inspires United Methodists, and others, to make donations to local United Methodist churches in honor/memory of someone who’s made a difference to them. Then, donors will post on social media about their honoree and their gift, along with a request for others to make a donation of their own.

#IGiveUMC will focus on these celebrations during the spring of 2020. Encourage participation as a way to recognize these special occasions:

May 1-10: Mother’s Day
May 18 - June 5: Celebrate everyday heroes
June 12-21: Father’s Day

As the year passes, updated plans will be listed here, so check back often!

Tying the campaign to a seasonal celebration, such as Mother’s Day, will encourage participation because people are already seeking ways to honor loved ones on special occasions. 

Additionally, local churches are encouraged to extend the campaign to special days for their congregation, such as a member’s milestone birthday or the anniversary of the church’s founding, to offer further opportunities for giving.

Launch the campaign in your church!

Everything you need to launch the #IGiveUMC campaign in support of your church is included in this toolkit:

  • How-to Guide – This resource supports local church leaders as they embrace and promote the campaign. It outlines the effort, offers ideas for extending it throughout the year, 
    details social media post ideas and includes sample e-newsletter copy.
  • Instructional Graphic –This graphic guides church members through campaign participation.  It can be posted in church Facebook groups, sent via email or text message, or used on a blog.
  • Video “Script” Template – If donors choose to create a video for social media, we suggest a “paper messages” video. These instructions and a fill-in-the-blank template make it easy!
  • Promotional Letter– Send this letter, via email or postal service, to the congregation to request their participation.
  • Facebook profile picture frame – Celebrate #IGiveUMC on Facebook by adding a profile picture frame. Simply search for the “#IGiveUMC” frame when you’re updating your profile picture