December 2015 School Teachers for Nigeria

December 01, 2015

As we turn the calendar to December there is lots of educational news from Nigeria. 

Banyam Theological Seminary (BTS) will graduate students on December 1. Staff and students will leave for their villages to spend the holiday period.  

Rev. Musa Danjuma, studying at West Africa Theological Seminary in Lagos, will finish his first semester on December 18.  During the holiday break he will do Practical Research in Kano—a northern city on the edge of the Sahara Desert. 

The new Ronald Wilmot Comprehensive Secondary School in Pero opened in October with 16 students. The dorms on campus are not completed so these high school students are housed in unused classrooms. Dr. Rev. Rhoda Manzo is the new principal and we wish her well as she begins her tenure at this UMC run school.

Ishaya David will be staying part of the holiday break at Simpson College where he is Community Assistant and responsible for students staying on campus.  Check the Thanksgiving Day (11/26) article about him in the Des Moines Register entitled “Bittersweet Thanksgiving.”  

Uzajja Dauda has completed his internship in Nigeria, and then worked with the General Board of Church/Society to organize and teach UMC Social Principles in the Central Conference. He will teach five courses at BTS before returning to Africa University on January 22 to complete his last semester.

Paul Johnson is just planning to hang out at Morningside College where he serves as Student Government President. 

Davidson Adams’ family, wife Ruth, children Destiny, Divine and Beverly Joy experienced snow for the first time. The children were thrilled to see the white stuff and to be able to play in it!  They are the only ones!!! Davidson continues to work at WITCC and will start online classes to complete his Bachelor’s Degree.  

Jarama Filiya, the former Principal at the Junior Secondary School in Jalingo, will be married to Vesty on December 27 in Pero.  We are excited for this event and send our congratulation to the couple! 

From the InGathering we received many boxes of Bibles for distribution to youth/young adults and theological books for Banyam Theological Seminary. We want these books to be dated from 1980 to present. Any version of the Bible is welcome. Thanks to churches who donate these timely and current reading materials.  

Prayers are requested for the United Methodist Church in Nigeria as they hold their annual conferences starting on Dec. 9 through Dec. 13. Each of the three conferences will hold separate meetings concluding with a joint conference.    

You are welcome to support any of the above listed students in Africa or in Iowa. There are two seminary faculty members who need financial assistance to begin their Doctoral Degrees at West Africa Theological Seminary in Lagos, Nigeria.  Isa Dunah and Danladi Dikko would take classes for two weeks on campus with the majority of class work to be completed online.  They would start the end of January if funding is available. Monies may be sent through your local church to the conference treasurer marked: INP, #230 and your designation.  Your prayers are equally important.

In Nigeria, families return to their home villages during the Christmas season where they celebrate with 24-hour worship services and holiday celebrations. 

Barka da Kirsimati!