Disaster Ministries Spring update - Be Aware and Be Prepared

Disaster Ministries Spring update - Be Aware and Be Prepared

March 31, 2021

As we move into the spring storm season, the Disaster Response Committee would like to share some resources to help everyone in Iowa. A brochure is now available with ways the committee can respond and a list of the District Response Coordinators. Please download and use as needed.

The National Weather Service is advising that we can expect more severe storms in 2021. While we can't be prepared for everything that might happen, it's a good time to make some basic preparations. BE AWARE and PREPARE.


Have a plan for where you can take shelter. This is a good policy for anywhere you go. Look around and find the best place for shelter and to exit, if needed. Make sure everyone in your home, office, church, school, ball-team—everyone—knows where to shelter.  Talk to your family, create a disaster plan for your family, and don't forget to include one for those with disabilities.


At home, have some items in your "safe space" for when you need to shelter. Click for a list of things to have available or contact disaster.response@iaumc for more information.
Have a “Go Bag” prepared for every member of your family. A Go Bag is a backpack or other small bag ready with some essential items for if you need to leave your home suddenly, you also could leave these in the family vehicle. 


Know the difference between a WATCH (conditions are favorable for a tornado to form) and a WARNING (a tornado or severe storm is in your area and take cover now.) A good way to remember the difference is that Warning has an “R” in it, which means RUN. More information and weather conditions flyer here.
Pay attention to the weather and what the forecast will be. Every local television station in Iowa has a free “Weather App” for your smartphone and there are many services that will alert you if a storm is nearing your location.


After a storm hits, there are many ways to help. Some of the ways to support the relief and response efforts are:

GIVE financial support.

PRAY for those impacted and responding.

RESPOND in the following ways:

  • Receive UMCOR Emergency Response Training (ERT)
  • Serve as a storm watcher/reporter
  • Join a Chainsaw Team 
If you are interested in getting involved in any of these response efforts, contact the District Disaster Response Coordinator for your area or the Conference Coordinator, Pastor Catie Newman, at disaster.response@iaumc.org.

Conference Disaster Coordinator

  • Rev. Catie & John Newman
    Email: disaster.response@iaumc.org
    Phone: 712-899-4067

Northwest, Southwest & South Central

  • District Disaster Coordinator
    Open Positions
    Contact Rev. Catie Newman

North Central District Disaster Coordinator

Northeast District Disaster Coordinators

  • Rev. Keith Pitts
    Email: pastorkeithp@gmail.com
    Phone: 319-361-4255
  • Rev. Phil Rogers
    Email: okduckman@aol.com
    Phone: 319-573-0589

East Central District Disaster Coordinator

  • Rev. Andrew Happ
    Email: pastorhapp@gmail.com
    Phone: 319-241-0223
Central District Disaster Coordinator
  • Bill Gibbons
    Email: bpgibb1975@gmail.com
    Phone: 515-725-0335

Southeast District Disaster Coordinator

  • Rev. Jeff Bixby
    Email: pastor@trinitykeokuk.org
    Phone: 563-370-1659