Disciples See God. Everywhere.

Disciples See God. Everywhere.
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March 29, 2018

Iowa United Methodists: if you need more ideas for designing your Discipleship Process, contact a Field Outreach Minister.

From: Bread and Wisdom seeking the Way of Jesus
By: Jaymee Glenn-Burns, NE District Field Outreach Minister

Seeking better ways to make disciples, I find myself asking, “What does a disciple look like?” “How do I know a disciple when I see one?” Of course, there are many answers to these questions. One answer is that disciples see God everywhere, in the good times and the bad. I’ve noticed those people I look up to as mentors and examples see God in places I might only see frustration and trouble. NE District Lay Leader, Richard Klinefelter, has consistently inspired me with his ability to see God and share those stories in ways that invite me to look more closely for how God is present and at work in my life and in our world. This story is a beautiful example of how a disciple saw God in the midst of ordinary life in Richard’s own words.  Richard and his wife, June, are members of the Gladbrook United Methodist Church.

My wife and I go to Mayo Clinic quite often. We ask our doctor where he takes his fiancé to go dine. He suggested a very fine restaurant to us which was fantastic. Only thing—I parked in an adjoining lot which was posted “Private Parking—Violators will be towed.” We enjoyed our dinner and the staff was a real joy. When finished, we headed for our car. Our car was gone!! The hostess called the towing company for location and I heard him inform her that I would need to pay $200 cash. She then called us a cab. The young cab driver was kind of fun to visit with as he drove. He had a difficult time locating the “lot” and had to call the towing company twice for aid in finding the place. Each time our driver was reminded “$200 cash!!” We found the lot and sent the driver on his way (he wanted to stay with us and visit to make sure someone came!) It was really a beautiful evening so we just waited by the gate. The towing truck was there in about fifteen minutes as promised. The young man got out of his wrecker and we visited with him for about 15 minutes. He finally got his paperwork out, turned to me and said, “You know, I like you two and I feel that you got shafted!” He then tore up his paperwork and wadded it up!! “There is your car and have a nice rest of the evening. You owe me nothing!!” I gave him a nice gratuity and we left. June and I visited on the way to the hotel— “You know, what a nice evening! We enjoyed a great meal, fun staff, friendly young cab driver, and then a young towing company employee who was a joy. We had a fantastic evening—We got to meet a great group of young people which we would not have encountered had I not done something which I shouldn’t have done!! Sometimes God moves in strange ways!!”

This video, used at several recent training events on Creating Discipleship Pathways, illustrates one church’s process.  It’s short, creative, and might just inspire your leaders.  Thank you, Bellevue Christian Church, for sharing your story.(