Legislation, Elections, and Monitoring Report from AC2023

Legislation, Elections, and Monitoring Report from AC2023

June 13, 2023

Legislation Report
  • Combined the functions of the Rules and Resolutions committees into the Sessions Committee
  • Approved the ministry plan for the conference missions programming and administrative agencies
  • Approved the ministry plans for clergy and congregational support committees
  • Approved a budget for 2024
  • Elected new members to board and agencies
  • Affirm the remaining delegation members and elected members to join the delegation and fill jurisdictional and reserve delegate roles. This election is pending further guidance from the general church.
  • Approved new members of the board of pension and the foundation board; and the retirement and health benefits presented by the board of pensions
  • Passed a resolution that calls for the protection of the right to peacefully address injustice
  • There was a motion to rename the districts based on geographical locations. A motion was made to refer that to the Communications Committee to study the effects and to report back to Iowa Annual Conference in 2024.
  • Received a report from the Delegation on the work during this past year
Election of Delegates to General and Jurisdictional Conferences

As an annual conference, we decided to hold elections to fill vacancies for Jurisdictional and Reserve delegates vacancies during the 2023 annual conference session. Based on recent information from the Secretary of the General Conference on the interpretation of Judicial Council decision 1472, the Annual Conference Secretary will hold and record the election results and wait for further official instructions from the Secretary of the General Conference.
Katie Dawson
LaTonya Calderon
Chad Jennings
Nathaniel Nims
Alejandro Alfaro-Santiz
Andrea Kraushaar

Lindsay Drake
Erica Shannon Stueve
Angela Hansen-Abbas
Nitza Dovenspike
Alex Johnson
James Baty
Frederick Lewis
Melissa Warren
Barrie Tritle
Amy Johnson
Matthew German
Scott Kober

Rebecca Nims
Kae E. Tritle
Kathi Mitchell
Anne Marie Webb
Shannon Meister
David Dovenspike
Clergy Alternates:                                    
Brian Oliver
Alexis Johnson
Timothy Bonney
Brian Williams  
Karen Dungan     
Medea Saunders     

Lay Alternates:
Mike King
Nancy Steckelberg
Martha Chancellor
Susan Weight
Phyllis Warren
Joseph Steckelberg

Monitoring Report

Read the monitoring report here.