"Faith & Finances in Difficult Times" Good Idea Webinar

April 01, 2020

As a church leader are you worried about the financial impact of Covid-19 on your congregation? Are you wondering about best practices for giving when passing a plate is not possible? If so join us for a Good Idea Webinar on Faith & Finances in Difficult Times with guest presenter Rev. Dr. Katharine Yarnell, Director of the Iowa United Methodist Foundation. Join us using this link https://tinyurl.com/IAUMCFaithAndFinances  

Katharine will be presenting some best practices for 15-20 minutes followed by Q&A and sharing of ideas that are working for you. 

The Iowa United Methodist Foundation is a charitable nonprofit that has been serving churches, organizations, individuals and families across Iowa for over 50 years. As your partner in stewardship, the Foundation resources local churches and institutions through financial support services including, but not limited to, investments, loans and endowment programs. We also manage trust funds and estate gifts made by individuals for charitable purposes. 

 Our host will be Rev. Ron Carlson, Superintendent of the Northwest District and the cabinet representative to Conference Council on Finance and Administration.  

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