Flood preparedness update from Disaster Ministries

Flood preparedness update from Disaster Ministries

September 19, 2019

As we watch the rivers all across Iowa:

PRAY for our Sisters and Brothers who are stressed and facing floodwaters....again.

PRAY for the first responders.

DO reach out to those who will be affected by floodwaters, with calls, texts, and encouragement.

DO support outreach efforts by giving to:
Iowa Disaster Response  Advance #223
UMCOR,  United States (Domestic) Disaster Response  #901670
UMCOR International Disaster Response (Bahamas)  #982450

DO HAVE A PLAN for where you would go if you are flooded, have a Go Bag ready with things that you will need for 3-5 days, (see "Be Prepared" document for more ideas.)

DO MAKE CLEAN-UP BUCKETS. We use clean-up buckets all over the world. Complete buckets can be brought to In-Gathering, supplies for buckets can be brought to In-Gathering in Boxes, marked  "Supplies for Clean-Up Buckets"
PLEASE DO NOT go into or through Flood waters. It is dangerous! Turn around, don't drown.

PLEASE DO NOT "just go"  the communities dealing with flooding are not ready for us...yet.

PLEASE DO NOT collect and deliver items that have not been specifically requested.
Catie Newman
IAUMC Disaster Response Coordinator