GCORR releases racial justice Advent package

GCORR releases racial justice Advent package

October 27, 2020

Advent is a time for church leaders to guide their congregation through a soul-enriching time of reflection, lamentation, anticipation and renewal.

We are excited to announce a new 5-week Advent resource, Seeking Jesus, The Advent of Justice and Peace.

This study includes:

  • Sermon starters

  • Lectionary texts

  • Suggested hymns

  • Children’s messages & activities

To deepen the meaning and messages in these activities, GCORR invites you to become co-creators with God of a world where …

  • Racial and all other injustices are confronted and addressed,

  • Learning and truth-telling are taken seriously, and

  • Children learn that spiritual formation and discipleship should stir in all of us a deep yearning to right wrongs, work for social and spiritual change, and seek right relationships with all people.


Please note: This is a digital resource. You will receive a link to download after purchase.