Getting to know you

February 15, 2016

Getting to know you…
This song is of getting to know you, getting to know all about you so let’s get to know the  Mabaan people from Upper Nile State in South Sudan.  Take five minutes to check out on the web:
South Sudan (newest nation in the world)
Upper Nile State (one of 10 states along the Ethiopia border with the White Nile flowing through it)
 Malakal (capital of the state and largest city)
Mabaan (small ethnic group of the Upper Nile)

Once we get to know a little about the Mabaan’s country and geography, we learn the South Sudanese population experienced a troubled history as part of the Sudan, struggled to live during government intervention and fighting leading to the desire to form a new nation. Many Mabaans fled to Ethiopia due to the unrest and alarming attacks during this time of trauma.  Their life in the refugee camps was hard but they prevailed and were elated to be able to relocate to the United States. 

Now, with a Mabaan population ranging from 125 to 250 in Des Moines, their dream is to worship together.  Under the leadership of Pastor Aaron Limmo, they are working with the Iowa Conference to make that dream happen. 

One of their goals is to help their people better articulate in English so plans are to start language classes on March 5. They need 5 large (3 x 5) white boards, white board markers, spiral notebooks and pencils for 75 persons.  Funds may be sent through your local church to the conference treasurer marked: South Sudanese,#267.  For additional information contact Pastor Limmo at: or Beverly Nolte, 515 266 4186,

Let’s support this African congregation in our midst!