Health-Full Minute: Well-Being Programs for our Ministry Personnel

Health-Full Minute: Well-Being Programs for our Ministry Personnel

June 29, 2021

Written by Kae Tritle, RN, Conference Wellness Coordinator

As we move into a new conference year, I would like to high-light our Well-Being programs that are available to our clergy, spouses, and conference employees. 

Virgin Pulse Activity Program 

Virgin Pulse is available to conference employees, all clergy and their spouses. It is a web-based activity program that helps you earn rewards for enhancing your fitness and overall wellness through the digital tracking of physical activities, health habits, steps, and learning activities. You can connect with friends and colleagues who are also participants of Virgin Pulse for support and competition.

Virgin Pulse is compatibile with and supports the following devices and apps: Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, Jawbone, Nuya, Misfit, Moves, Polar, S health, Mi band, My FitnessPal and others. It has a mobile app for both iOS and android devices making it easy to track, synch and connect.

Each day synch your activity device and enter tracking data to earn Healthmile points. As you accumulate Healthmiles you earn a cash reward based upon a level system. Go to to join. Click here for a PDF of Virgin Pulse information and enrollment instructions.

Employee Assistance Program is available to clergy, their families, and conference employees. 
Life Happens     We’re Here to Help
A Listening ear and counseling services to help you cope with life difficulties, such as:

Depression, sadness, or grief              Anxiety or panic                                      Job stress                                       
Drug or alcohol use disorders              Self-esteem struggles                             Divorce
Parent/child relationships                     Marital or couple relationships               Concerns for friend/family
A variety of services: immediate assistance through a 24/hour call center at 1-800-327-4692 staffed with Master’s degree clinicians; in-person appointments with a counselor in your area for up to 6 sessions/separate issue or set of circumstances, free 30 minute legal consultation regarding personal or family legal issues, 25% off normal legal fees for on-going representation, information regarding child-care resources in your area, access to 6 sessions of life-coaching, elder care resources, and identity theft resolution services. Please click the link below for detailed information regarding benefits:
IAUMC EAP Benefit Summary-English

For conference employees, clergy persons and their spouses on the Conference health plan. Wondrhealth is a health-full eating/activity and behavioral skills program for improving well-being and weight. This online program will teach the skills needed to lose weight while eating normal foods, and reduce the risk of chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and heart disease. Enrollment is aimed at persons whose BMI is 30+ or 25 with one (1) other health risk.

The program consists of weekly videos for 10 weeks, bi-weekly videos for another 2 ½ months, and then monthly videos for 6 months. The program is video-based and all online. There’s no counting points or calories, eating boring meals, or spending money on specialty diet food. Wondrhealth will also teach skills to help you sleep better, cope with stress, address your vital needs and stay on track during special occasions like parties, holidays, and vacations.

This does involve an application process. In order to be successful; participants need to be open to changing eating habits/behaviors and committed to watching the videos. See more at