UM Student Day Nov. 27

UM Student Day Nov. 27

November 17, 2016

Across the country, the people of The United Methodist Church are serving the people God loves in Jesus’ name. We’re doing it at home, but so often we’d like to do more.
  • We want to serve those in other places who are suffering.
  • We want to offer spiritual words of hope and life.
  • And we want to be well-equipped to do both!
But the reality for most of us is that our responsibilities—home, family, work—don’t allow us to engage with every need we’d like to meet.

Right now there are UMC young people—who might not have had the resources to attend a school of their choice, or, for some, any school at all—who’ve been sent by you into the world God loves because of your giving to United Methodist Student Day. When you give generously you are support these students as they prepare for a life that unites faith with knowledge.
What no one person or congregation can do alone, we’re doing together.
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United Methodist Student Day is one of six churchwide Special Sundays with offerings of The United Methodist Church. United Methodist Student Day calls the church to support students as they prepare for life in uniting faith with knowledge. The special offering provides scholarships for qualified United Methodist applicants. 
Here’s some more information:
When do we celebrate United Methodist Student Day?
United Methodists celebrate Student Day on the last Sunday of November.
Can our church celebrate United Methodist Student Day at a different time?
Yes! If your local church needs to celebrate a Special Sunday on a different date, that is fine! Do not let the given dates prohibit your congregation from celebrating United Methodist Student Day if you have a time conflict.
How does The United Methodist Church distribute the offerings received on United Methodist Student Day?
The treasurer of the General Council on Finance and Administration distributes net receipts, after payment of promotional expenses, to the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry for United Methodist Student Day scholarships.
How does one apply for a United Methodist Student Day scholarship?
To apply for a United Methodist Student Day scholarship, visit the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry website.
How can I give to United Methodist Student Day offering?
You can give online to the United Methodist Student Day offering at any time by clicking here.
How can I order United Methodist Student Day promotional resources?
Order free print materials online here or call toll free, 888-346-3862. Find downloadable resources and videos here.
Where should a local church send offerings for Special Sundays?
Forward offerings to your conference treasurer’s office.