How the recent funding bill relates to migrants

March 05, 2019

Border barriers:  
$1.375 billion for projects all in the Rio Grande Valley
         Would fund 55 miles of barriers
         Can’t be built in several parks or nature reserves.
Border/customs agents:
         200 border patrol agents who have already been hired
         No new agents for the rest of the year
         600 new customs agents for this year.  Also funds to fill 600 now vacant
                  slots for customs agents.
Detention, detainees:
Funds for space to detain a daily average capacity of 45,274 people for the year. (Currently 49,000 capacity)
         New alternatives to detention program.
         $30 million for family case management support.
         $192 million for a new processing and holding site in El Paso, Texas,
                  for families and unaccompanied minors.
Treatment of detainees:
         Facilities should be equipped with temperature controls.
         Avoid chain-link fence-type enclosures.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE):
         Adding 112 new health staff.
         Requires filing weekly reports on detainees and monthly reports on family 
         $95 million above last year for “custody operations”.
Immigration courts:
         50 new judges over last year’s number.
         Priority hiring for highest workload areas.
Humanitarian relief:
$414 million for humanitarian aid.  (Includes $128 million for medical staff, $40 million for food, formula and diapers)
         $24 million for transportation between detention facilities.
*Based on PBS News Hour, Lisa Desjardins