Ingathering Hunger Grants are due March 15

Ingathering Hunger Grants are due March 15

March 01, 2022

Iowa United Methodists are active in mission and outreach within and beyond their communities. Does your congregation have or support a local program to give hunger relief locally? A food bank? Serving community meals? Filling backpacks with healthy snacks? Every year, a portion of the giving received at our annual Ingathering is given back to programs right here in the state to help with various hunger-related projects. If your church is involved with a hunger project or wishes to begin a program, you may apply for a portion of those available funds through a Hunger Grant.

Hunger Grant forms need to be submitted by March 15. Each request will need to complete a new application to be considered this year. The specifics are on the form, as well as links to return. 

We’re also excited to let you know Ingathering 2022 information is in the mail, coming to your congregation right now. Watch for the white envelope with the Ingathering logo in return. This same information is on our webpage at Check it out; then share and plan with others in your congregation - children, youth, families, circles, and classes. Everyone can be a part of the 43rd Ingathering for Mission. Information is updated to meet the recipient’s needs; updates will come online, with a second mailing mid-summer. 

Being in mission brings hope to so many people and is living out our faith through sandwiches, apples, coffee, pencils, crayons, and shampoo.