Introduction to Spiritual Companionship short course

Introduction to Spiritual Companionship short course

February 04, 2022

"Do you feel called to be a spiritual companion to others? Do people seek you out when they need someone to listen to them? Do you enjoy being with others as they explore their spirituality? Are you intrigued by the gift of spiritual companioning? 

If you answer yes to questions like these, we invite you to participate in a 3-week course that introduces spiritual companioning, as well as how Wayfaring Companions uniquely approaches this work. Each session includes experiential learning, discussion, guided practices, and fun. There are reading assignments between the sessions that help inform the conversation. 

The course is facilitated by the Wayfaring Companions faculty: Wendi Bernau, Ryan Roth-Klinck, and Matthew Johnson. Through this course, you will be given tools to discern your calling to spiritual companioning (also known as spiritual direction). You will also get to interact with the Wayfaring Companions Team, our style, our gifts, and our 2-year program. Our goal is not to “sell you” on our program, but to give you enough information to help you discern if we are the right program for you!"

Begins in March
Meet on March 1, 8, and 15th from 6:30 - 7:45 pm
Cost = $150

For more information or to register, contact Ryan Roth-Klinck at [email protected]